Facebook Announces Expansion of WhatsApp Group Calls, New Live Video Features for Facebook, Instagram, and Portal

Facebook New Live Video

Facebook recently rolled out a new video call platform, the Facebook Messenger Rooms. In addition to the Messenger Rooms, the company announced that they will be expanding WhatsApp Group Calls also. Not only that, they equally revealed that they will be new Live Video features for Facebook, Instagram, and Portal, all of which are the products of the company.

Initially, Facebook announced that users will be able to create rooms through the core Facebook app but in time they will spread throughout other Facebook-owned services, to Instagram direct messages, WhatsApp, and its Portal device.

Expanding WhatsApp Group Calls

WhatsApp call is one of the ways you can stay in touch with family and friends when you’re apart. With the new Live Video features announcements by Facebook, you will soon be able to have group voice and video calls with up to eight people on WhatsApp.

Expansion of WhatsApp group calls
Image: Facebook

Meanwhile, just before, your new Live video and audio calls are secured with end-to-end encryption so no one else can view or listen to your private conversations. Not even WhatsApp can!

New Live Video Features for Facebook, Instagram, and Portal

From the starting point, Facebook’s products have always been about connecting people. So, over the years they focused more on how to help users feel present with one another even when they are apart.

In recent days, people’s behaviors shift online and these new features illustrate Facebook’s historic determination not be left behind or buried in competition. People turn to Facebook Live and Instagram Live for workout classes, cooking lessons, and so on. So the company is adding a series of new features to make them even more useful’

New Live Video Features on Facebook

  • Facebook is reintroducing Live With feature so you can add another person into your live video, irrespective of where they are located in the world. With the feature, you can interview an expert, bring on a guest speaker, or even perform with a friend.
new live video features for Facebook
Image: Facebook
  • Donate button can now be added on live videos to help raise money for causes wherever nonprofit fundraisers are available.
  • Ability to mark Facebook Events as online only and, with time, integrate Facebook Live so you can broadcast to your guests. Also, to benefit small businesses and creators, Facebook is planning to add the possibility for pages to charge for access to events with Live videos on Facebook. From online performances to classes to professional conferences.
  • Again, the company is making it a lot easier to access live video so you can watch or listen anywhere. For instance, if you have limited data or a spotty connection, you equally have the option to only listen to the audio. Interestingly, most public live videos are now available on the web and some Pages as well share a toll-free number so you can listen to the audio through any telephone if perhaps, you don’t have a Facebook account.
Photo: Facebook
  • With the new Facebook Gaming app that is available for download on Google Play, you can live stream games from your phone to Facebook. You can also play games instantly using the app, discover new gaming groups, and likewise, watch your favorite streamers.
  • Tournaments are another new feature for game streaming. The feature lets you create, play, and watch the competition at a go. Meanwhile, this feature is available on Facebook as of now and will be debuting on the Facebook Gaming app soon.
  • Facebook is also expanding Stars to more Pages and countries to help you support some of your creators. Creators will earn 1 cent for every Star, so once you buy Stars you can send to them while they’re streaming.

New Live Video Features on Instagram

Below are some new live video features for Instagram to give you a better user experience.

new live video features for Instagram
Photo: Facebook/Instagram

Unlike before, you can now watch and comment on live videos from your desktop. Bigger screen, better experience! – Follow along with those yoga classes on your PC or listen to a live performance as you work.

Probably, you would want your videos to stick around longer than the 24-hours limit in IG Stories. So now, after you go live, the new live video features will let you save your videos to IGTV so they can be available for more than 24-hours limit in Stories. With that, your videos will be much easier for others to find.

New Live Video Features on Portal

The new live video features will let you be able to go live from Portal to Facebook Pages and Groups. Meanwhile, the Facebook Live app on Portal already lets you broadcast to your profile. However, you will be able to share with your communities, too with time.

Facebook Portal
Photo: Facebook

Portal uses an AI-powered Smart Camera that can keep you perfectly framed to stay present with your community. So whether you are sharing a make-up or baking tutorial or hosting a more intimate conversation, Portal’s camera can be your personal cinematographer.

Bonus – Virtual Dating in Facebook Dating

Facebook is equally adding a new feature to Facebook Dating to help people all around the world find meaningful relationships. Even when they can’t meet in person. This new feature is an option for a user to invite people to a virtual date in Facebook Dating.

Facebook dating
Image: Facebook

Once anyone accepts your invitation, you will start a video chat in Messenger to get to know each other better. Facebook has announced that this new feature will roll out globally in the coming months.


In summary, one can see how determined Facebook is in taking their video call functionalities to another level. The company doesn’t mind cloning its features any time to varying degrees of success so as to maintain the trend!

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