How To Hide Apps On Android Devices – Tips & Tricks

How To Hide Apps On Android Devices

Although there are plenty of apps that exist to block third-parties from accessing your smartphone, it will also be a good idea to have an additional system for hiding your apps. This article will focus on how to hide apps on Android devices, rather than spend time getting into the reasons why someone may want to hide some existing apps on their Android devices. However, the fact remains that in this era of top-notch security needs, the feature is increasingly in-demand. Especially when you consider the wide possibilities that smartphones can offer.

There are many ways on how to hide apps on Android devices, even many customization layers and third-party launchers include the option to hide apps from the app drawer. However, if going through this means is not your thing, you can still find some apps that offer this feature. Thus, by using the feature, one can only see or use the apps you want them to when they access your Android device.

Isn’t that awesome? Plus, you don’t need to uninstall or delete your data because they’ll only be temporarily hidden, while they’re still installed on your device.

So, without wasting much time, let’s head straight to how to hide apps on Android devices using different sources.

How to Hide Apps on Android Using a Guest Account

You have the possibility of creating a guest account from the settings menu of your Android device. After creating this account, you can activate it anytime to show only the apps associated with that account. The feature is similar to that of the Windows session, where you can start the system with a series of specific apps without being able to access the information of the other accounts.

For users who let kids access their phones in the house, this method is essential for you. You can launch the session if you want to let them use your device without any chance of them opening an app they shouldn’t.

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In most Android versions, how to hide apps using a guest account is simply by going to Settings > Users. In the Users section, you will have the option to create a guest account and define certain features like the ability to make phone calls and other things you want the account to perform when you activate it. Meanwhile, be sure to enable the guest user mode.

How to Hide Apps on Android Using a Guest Account
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How to Hide Apps on Android Using a Launcher

Nowadays, most customization layers have their own feature to hide apps. Although in most cases, what their feature does is to get rid of the apps from the app drawer and the desktop. For users who don’t want too much secrecy, this level of hiding their apps is enough. But the only thing here is that if you should go to the list of installed apps in the settings menu, you will still find the apps with the rest there. Below are a few of the launchers that can help you achieve this goal.

Rootless Pixel Launcher

This is an extremely popular launcher that lets you use the Android Stock interface on practically any device. It offers a series of extra features to its name. Once you install the launcher, all you have to do is to long click on any app and select the preferences options to hide it.

Nova Launcher

Beyond Rootless Pixel Launcher is Nova Launcher, which also offers similar options for hiding apps. You can hide your apps either from the home screen or app drawer so that no one can see them. And you don’t need to install anything else to set it up. Just a few seconds.

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Once you install Nova Launcher (you have to have the Prime option), proceed to Settings > App Drawer. You will find the app options when you scroll down to the bottom. From there, you can see the option to hide apps. Mark all the apps you don’t want to see or use.

Evie Launcher

It’s a freemium launcher and it has this option in its free version. Evie has a more flexible option on how to hide apps on Android devices. It allows you to choose all the apps you want to make disappear from the app drawer. Again, you can choose to make them hidden when you search or not. To set up, just go to Settings and tap on the option Hide Apps. Then when you need to use them again, proceed to Evie Launcher > Settings > Hide Apps and Unmark them.

How to Hide Apps on Android Using a Launcher
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How to Hide Apps on Android Using Third-Party Apps

Another option available for hiding your android apps from prying eyes is to block them. This method won’t let you make your apps disappear from the app drawer or home screen, rather they will be protected. The third-party apps can help you create a protection system against intruders and prying eyes that would want to sneak peek on your private data.

With the help of these apps, you can add a pattern, PIN, or your Fingerprint to the app you want to protect. It will work for your messaging apps of choice, or apps related to your bank account so that no one can access them even when they’re in possession of your device with or without your knowledge. This way, you can keep every of your confidential information or conversations in your Android device safe from intruding eyes.

I hereby, introduce App Locker and AppLock as the two best tools that can help you with this task, simple and easy to use. The tools allow you to choose how you want to protect the different apps you have installed on your Android device. You can set up an unlock pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint. After selecting the type of protection, you can then proceed to the apps list and select all the ones you want to lock/protect.

Having done this, you will be the only person to access those apps. For Instance, if someone tries to open an app locked with these third-party apps, let’s say WhatsApp or Facebook, the person will be asked to unlock the app before accessing it. Hence, without the correct PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint, the person will be unable to access the app, thus making your data safe and protected.

Using Third-Party Apps
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With these three methods listed above, you can improve the privacy of your Android devices, either by hiding your apps or blocking access from people who may try to sneak peek. Since the security of your private data is very important, you can rightly improve it using any of these means.

Moreover, it’s not just about stopping others from reading your conversations on messaging platforms, but also to help keep your personal and bank details and logins safe and secured. So, even if you lose your device, it will be difficult for a third person to access your sensitive information. Using these tips and tricks in this article will ensure that you add an extra layer of security to all the relevant apps and information in your Android devices.

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